[fp-accordion title=’CEOWORLD Magazine Interview’]CEO World Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev, also known as Valentino Danchev, is the President of Fidelis Marketing Group. Over his career, Mr. Danchev has been involved in many aspects of the travel and tourism industry in Mexico. He shares his insights here:[/fp-accordion]
[fp-accordion title=’The Future of Luxury Travel’]J Post As millennials become successful enough to afford luxury travel, it’s helpful for businesses to pinpoint precisely what makes it appealing to this generation of 22- to 37-year-olds. Enter Valentino Danchev, founder and president of Fidelis Marketing Group, a travel marketing firm that specializes in luxury travel. According to Danchev, the following travel trends will continue to drive the travel and tourism industry in the foreseeable future for reasons that might surprise you:[/fp-accordion]
[fp-accordion title=’Using Technology To Build Buzz for Your Travel Biz’]Good Men Project Achieving success in a Travel Marketing business is harder to do than to define. The Millennial consumer is a tough nut to crack. Being too smooth (read “salesy”) will make them suspicious. Being too retro (read “old-timey”) will make your company virtually inaccessible to them. [/fp-accordion]
[fp-accordion title=’Transforming Vacation Memberships with Fidelis Marketing Group’]London Economic Shared experiences hold a value above any numerical figure. A recent study at Cornell University found that spending money on experiences is more likely to bring you lasting happiness than spending money on material objects.[/fp-accordion]
[fp-accordion title=’TG Daily’]TG Daily the technology of today is just as much about interconnectivity as it is about productivity. American consumers want fast, easy service, as well as the ability to share information and connect with the people who matter to them. [/fp-accordion]