People who live in difficult situations and do not have resources, fortunately, can always count on volunteer citizens who work to make society more fair and equitable. The program ‘Abrigando Esperanza‘ is a campaign of the Chilpayate Foundation that takes place year after year to literally shelter people who suffer the consequences of winter. They are people who are not necessarily living on the street, but can live in low-income homes where the building is precarious and, as a result, their health is affected on many occasions. The campaign consists of collecting blankets and pantries, and then distribute it personally. The material that is gathered is taken to low-income communities where families do not have enough support and need volunteers. The impact that this activity has on society is enormous.

Valentino Danchev and the Chilpayate Foundation have worked hard to make this project bigger every year and reflect a positive impact on society. Because Valentino, like all the volunteers who collaborate, believes that the result of this campaign has incalculable effects that will reach unpredictable corners. The mobilization that takes place is wonderful and very positive in the whole community; Volunteers donate shelter, but also invest their time to take things to homes in need. Over time, people living in the surrounding areas have joined the campaign and have understood that, among all, many things can be done for families with fewer resources. The motivation of the volunteers, the Chilpayate Foundation and Valentino Danchev, as well as other collaborators who are joining, is part of the wonderful reaction of society, to know that the needy are not cold, that children have a warm home, and all thanks to the initiative of beings that spend time helping. Doing good is necessary, healthy, good for everyone. We always expect more hands to help, because we can all do something for our neighbor.