‘Playaton’ Program

The Playaton campaign is part of the itinerary of the Chilpayate Foundation and its main objective is to raise awareness about the care of the environment. We know that it is a subject to which we must pay close attention and that the results will probably only be seen in the future. Therefore, it is important to start as soon as possible to take measures to improve the conditions in which we live on our planet. In addition, it is very important to educate the new generations so that they know the consequences of not protecting the environment and they know what the benefits will be if we do it responsibly.

Playaton is a program designed to put into practice the respect for the environment through the care and cleaning of beaches. The campaign is developed with the help of volunteers and the advice of experts in the care of the environment. The activities are not only carried out to complete different tasks, but also to teach and educate in the long term, so that more people have the need to improve the appearance of our beaches, and all together make the habit a necessity.

Activities include the collection of waste, cleaning of the area and training for volunteers and interested parties. It is important to know what the needs of our nature are for the planet to continue giving us wonders; and both the Chilpayate Foundation and Valentino Danchev, as well as all the collaborators believe that teamwork always makes a difference.