Chilpayate Foundation by Fidelis gives smiles to hundreds of children


Last Wednesday, December 12, approximately 281 children between 6 and 11 years of age from various kindergarten and elementary school public schools arrived at the Vidanta Hotel. The schools that attended were Leona Vicario, José Mariano Abasolo and Kinder el Porvenir, as well as such as the civil associations prokids and Manos de Apoyo y Vida A.C. Upon arrival, a group of 33 volunteers belonging to the Fidelis Marketing Group and the Chilpayate Foundation received all the children with their teachers and some parents with a lunch to later start the event with an entertaining clown show, with which the children flooded the room with laughter and shouts full of energy and joy.

The Chilpayate Foundation by Fidelis, in conjunction with Valentino Danchev, President of FIDELIS Marketing Group, intend, as its slogan says, to promote the greatness of children through recreational activities, and this is how for 12 years they have brought joy and gifts to children of scarce resources. In the framework of this great event, a backpack loaded with toys were given to the little ones.

At 3:15 in the afternoon, representatives and volunteers of Chilpayate Foundation by Fidelis, led by their president Valentino Danchev, thanked all the attendees and the team that collaborated in the logistics of this event; then, they proceeded to deliver a backpack to each child who attended.

Between Jengas, Twisters, tourists and other games, children ran from one side to another excited by the gifts they had received from Chilpayate Foundation by Fidelis, anxiously waiting to return home and continue playing with these gifts.

Well they say that children are left with only two things, quality education and memories, this is how Chilpayate Foundation by Fidelis wishes happy Christmas and prosperous year 2019 to the almost 300 families that were represented at this event.