Christmas Show

Christmas Show

Christmas is an excellent time to reflect and start thinking about others, the most needy, those who do not have the resources to fully enjoy the holidays because they suffer from the lack of basic things. However, there are people who invest their time to provide everything they need and go beyond joining forces.

The Chilpayate Foundation and Valentino Danchev offer a wonderful Christmas Show so that all children have the same opportunities and can receive Christmas with joy and enthusiasm.

The event takes place throughout the afternoon, although the work of the collaborators begins much earlier with the donation and selection of toys. Everything collected is destined for schools and communities outside the city of CancĂșn. On the other hand, the Chilpayate Foundation is responsible for the transportation of children to and from the event.

The Big Day

When the big day arrives, the facilities of the Fidelis company open their doors to welcome the children who come with the illusion of knowing Santa Claus. In addition to receiving gifts, the little ones enjoy a snack and a fantastic show full of surprises. Clowns, contests and many fun games entertain the more than 300 children who receive Christmas with surprise.