How one business group is teaming up with Mexico´s leading resort operator to grow the tourism industry.

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By Jess Young

July 02, 2018

There’s always a new innovative gadget or trendy fashion item to purchase but traveling remains a timeless and intangible experience that cannot be replicated. Moments cannot be monetized because shared experiences hold a value above any numerical figure. A recent study at Cornell University found that spending money on experiences is more likely to bring you lasting happiness than spending money on material objects.

The travel and tourism industry has grown substantially as people search to invest in unique moments instead of tangible items, with the total contribution of the travel and tourism industry to the global economy totaling $8.27 trillion USD with expected continued growth. A country that has been continuously expanding its global impact in tourism is Mexico.

The Mexico Tourism Board announced that Mexico has jumped to the sixth most visited country in the world. Mexico saw record revenue from international tourism in 2017, netting $21.3 billion US from the sector and up 8.3 percent from 2016. In 2017, Mexico welcomed 39.3 million tourists, a 12% increase over the previous year.

The Fidelis Marketing Group is a key player in helping propel Mexico’s leadership position in the tourism industry by partnering with prominent players such as Vida Vacations. The formidable alliance has taken the tourism industry in Mexico to new heights and positioned it to take advantage of the industry’s growth.

The Beginning of Trailblazing Tourism Transformation

Valentino Danchev saw an opportunity to grow the luxury tourism industry while making meaningful impact on travel experiences and so in 2013 he became the Founder and President of Fidelis Marketing Group. Danchev first began his career at Grupo Vidanta in 2000 as a sales representative and quickly ascended to become Sales Manager. In 2008, his great performance and commitment paid off as he was awarded the Director of Sales Project Management position in Puerto Peñasco , Sonora. Later he was given the Sales Project Management position in Riviera Maya, which allowed him to demonstrate his great vision as an entrepreneur.

Today with Fidelis Marketing Group, Danchev promotes the message and knowledge he’s gained in the tourism industry while also helping his surrounding community. He has spoken at the most important forum in the vacation ownership industry in Latin America, known as LASOS (The Latin American Shared Ownership Summit). Danchev also hosts an annual charity event for underprivileged children at one of the distinguished Vidanta resort properties in Riviera Maya. His continued efforts to further benefit the tourism industry is highlighted through active participation in the industry and giving back to his community.

Valentino Danchev’s opportunity to share his vision is amplified in the five key values he has instilled in his marketing company: fidelity, respect, perseverance, strength and teamwork. The solid foundation of the company is accentuated throughout their endeavors within and outside of the industry

An Exclusive Partnership to Expand Valuable Experiences

In 2013, Fidelis Marketing Group was created to serve as an exclusive marketing company for Vida Vacations. Fidelis is the marketing company in charge of the sales department which is leading in one of the Top 3 ranked Latin American Vacation Resorts – Vidanta Resorts.

The partnership between the Fidelis Marketing Group and Vida Vacations has proven to be prosperous as the Vidanta Resorts are positioned on the Top 10 Luxury Resorts Worldwide and the expansion of Mexico’s tourism industry only continues to grow.

Forging a New Path in Luxury Tourism

The Fidelis Marketing Group is offering a revolutionary way of vacationing through exclusive club memberships while ensuring top-caliber luxurious benefits at the finest locations in Mexico. The vacation club destinations include Vidanta’s Grand Luxxe resort, filled with lavish luxuries such as a personal secluded beach to create one-of-a-kind experiences. Through its The Tour Agency, Fidelis is able to offer tours to the best attractions they have a reach in, from unparalleled tours that cover the Yucatan Peninsula to the archaeological zone of Cobá.

Valentino Danchev continues to believe strongly in the contribution and beauty of Mexico, which can be spread through exposing more travelers to the variety of life that the country embodies.


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