There is no doubt that the tourism industry has changed exponentially in recent years. This statement comes from one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the industry, Velentino Danchev, CEO of Fidelis Marketing Group. As an expert in the sector, Valentino Danchev contributed very interesting data in an interview published by the magazine CEOWORLD. The President of Fidelis Marketing Group spoke about the change that the travel and tourism industry has had, and analyzed how the market has developed by adapting to the new generations.


The numbers allow us to affirm that the growth of tourism at the international level has been uninterrupted during the last years. In spite of the varied economic, political and social events scattered around the world and affecting all regions equally, people have been developing a sense of personal satisfaction. The need to allow oneself to enjoy the pleasures of life and to give entertainment a special place are two things that have been gaining ground. This is because, in general, the human being understood over time that enjoying is a privilege, that work should not be a sacrifice or a punishment, that there should be a balance between responsibility and enjoyment.

At present, the percentage of people who do not take vacations is much lower than the percentage that chooses some part of the year to disconnect from the routine and change the air. Whether they travel locally or choose destinations abroad, the vast majority of the world’s population knows some other country besides their own.


According to Valentino Danchev’s own words, the export of travel and tourism ranks third in the world, after chemicals and fuels. Experts estimate that, by the year 2028, the value that the industry had in 2008 will almost double. In the United States, in 2008 the value of GDP was $ 1.29 trillion. Surprisingly, around $ 2.4 trillion is expected by 2028.

In addition to the numbers that provide an accurate knowledge of what is happening in the world, you can see how the sector is constantly being modified in particular cities. The most popular places in the world are still chosen by everyone who wants to explore the world, but less popular destinations that attract new generations are also being chosen.

The last report of the WTO, World Tourism Organization, shows that France, Spain and the United States are still on the podium of the most chosen places by tourists. However, unlike what happened years ago, countries such as Japan, China and Mexico, among others, are already on the list of the most visited.

According to the research, the most visited countries in 2017 were:

  • France with 86.9 million visitors
  • Spain received 81.8 tourists
  • United States 75.9
  • China 60.7
  • Italy 58.3
  • Mexico 39.3
  • United Kingdom 37.7
  • Turkey 37.6
  • Germany 37.5
  • Thailand 35.4

As you can see, the tastes are varied. People choose different options and the industry takes advantage of this, but it also adapts to generational changes and new trends. Valentino Danchev made an interesting reflection on the changes that have taken place during the last decades and analyzed how future generations will be positively affected by this factor.


As a great connoisseur of the field, Valentino reflected on how the generation of Millennials has been an important factor in the change that is taking place worldwide. The reality is that the changes in tourism have not come alone, there is a whole process that is accompanied by how young people see life. And, in turn, the generation in question has been the protagonist of the biggest change of recent times: the advancement of technology.

Technology was the great driver of globalization, as communications and development in this field allowed different industries to expand throughout the world. As Valentino affirms, the connection that exists in a globalized world allows us to investigate, organize a trip, find opinions and have a real image of what we will find when we arrive at our destination. It is for this reason that the tourism industry has made great strides, particularly during the last decade. On the other hand, Millennials will surely leave a legacy that future young people, Generation Z, will know how to make the most of with even more positive changes and innovations.


That Egypt has been the country with the highest growth in tourism in 2017 can be surprising. After agitated years in the social, economic and political aspect, the country has managed to overcome its development in the industry. And when we talk about external factors, we have to mention different situations that can affect the market: terrorist attacks, insecurity, lack of infrastructure, and much more. However, this has not stopped the new generation, the Millennials, from carrying out their wishes to travel; and even a large percentage of them choose to stay at a luxury resort.

In the case of Fidelis, the group offers space for all types of passengers. Valentino Danchev assured that the resorts affiliated with his company achieved a higher level of services and that many of the Millennials usually visit him. This does no more than affirm the diversity of tastes and preferences of the new generations, young people who superimpose pleasure and enjoyment over everything else.

Young people today seek authenticity and are very curious, which greatly benefits the tourism industry. And this, surely, will only allow the improvement and development of all the agents that participate in this wonderful evolution.