Let’s Learn Together

Let’s Learn Together One of the hardest times of the year to cope for people with low incomes and in difficult economic situations is the Back-to-School time. It is also a good time to collaborate and bring out our generosity, understand that we can do much for those who need it most. Not everyone has the same opportunities...

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Fundación Chilpayate

The Chilpayate Foundation was born on November 3rd, 2016. From the beginning, its main objective was to lay the foundations for children and young people to have a better future and also to contribute to a changing and difficult society for those who have less. Thanks to the great work together and the collaboration of

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Send Me on Vacations

Valentino Danchev and the fight against breast cancer Valentino Danchev collaborates with noble causes that provide support to those who need it and for various reasons. Being part of the ‘Send Me On Vacation’ initiative is one of their commitments. Send Me On Vacation offers leisure time and vacations to those women who have suffered

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For 10 years, every April 30th we celebrate Children´s Daywith an event that we consider one of the most important for Fundación Chilpayate AC. Organizing a Toy drive, which goes to children from communities in vulnerable areas of the state of Quintana Roo and Yucatán.

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On december 15, the event “fidelis christmas show” was held in its 13th edition, with the support of mr. Valentino danchev from the company fidelis marketing group.

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Sixth anniversary of the chilpayate foundation

Event with a Cause "Abrigando Esperanza 2022"

The central theme of celebrating the Anniversary of Fundación Chilpayate as a civil association,is to "Celebrate with a Cause" every November 3th.

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Toys giveaway for children living at CERESO – Fundación Chilpayate

80 toys were delivered to the Fundación Iniciando Desde Cero AC in support of its #YoMeSumo campaign, which benefits babies and children who live in CERESO with their mothers.

Toys giveaway for children with Cancer – Fundación Chilpayate

164 toys were delivered in support of Fundación Aitana AC, this was possible thanks to the support and donation of the companies La Cueva del Guampa and Bichos Ludoteca.

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For 11 years, thanks to the commitment of Mr. Valentino Danchev, the Christmas Show has been carried out that benefits children from vulnerable areas.

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Charitable contributions take a front seat including many charity functions throughout the year. Here are some photos taken during some of the children’s day charities Valentino sponsors.