Toys giveaway for children with cancer and children in the CERESO



Valentino Danchev


Founder, President and CEO of Fidelis Marketing Group, overseeing the promotion of memberships and tours at luxury resorts in Latin America

Toys giveaway for children living at CERESO – Fundación Chilpayate

On Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 80 toys were delivered to the Fundación Iniciando Desde Cero AC in support of its #YoMeSumo campaign, which benefits babies and children who live in CERESO with their mothers. This delivery was possible thanks to the support of Mr. Valentino Danchev Director of Fidelis Marketing Group, with the collaboration these babies and children will enjoy a party organized by this association within CERESO so that they receive their gifts.

Toys giveaway for children with Cancer – Fundación Chilpayate

On Friday, April 29, 164 toys were delivered in support of Fundación Aitana AC, this was possible thanks to the support and donation of the companies La Cueva del Guampa and Bichos Ludoteca, who have previously collaborated with Fundación Chilpayate AC, committed to the welfare and education of children, the event organized at the Aitana facilities where gifts will be delivered and a gathering for children with cancer who are currently supporting and also for those who are in hospitals.


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