Lets learn together

One of the hardest times of the year to cope for people with low incomes and in difficult economic situations is the Back-to-School time. It is also a good time to collaborate and bring out our generosity, understand that we can do much for those who need it most. Not everyone has the same opportunities, and providing these children with a good education will be one of their most precious values for their future. For this reason and many others, Valentino Danchev and the Chilpayate Foundation have created a scope and a series of activities to encourage education.

This initiative deals with the collection of school supplies and objects, which include backpacks, pencils, pens, erasers, books, notebooks, didactic material, and everything necessary to attend school. Everything that is used in the classroom to be able to study and learn without difficulties. The material that is collected goes to a low-income school.

Children are the future

The initiative was not only designed so that children do not suffer from the lack of the main elements when going to school, but it is a job that aims to support education in its entirety. This collection will awaken the children’s enthusiasm and desire to learn, help to promote curiosity and avoid dropping out at an early age. As a result, the program will have a very positive long-term impact throughout the territory, making education significantly better.

The perseverance and persistence with which each collection is made add do a bit to help the education of the country. Because all children have the right to access an education; because education forms great human beings that can change the world; because the evolution of society will depend on what we do in the present; for all this, get involved and participate in the program of Valentino Danchev and the Chilpayate Foundation. You can bring material during June and July. See you there!