Send me on Vacation

Valentino Danchev and the fight against breast cancer

Valentino Danchev collaborates with noble causes that provide support to those who need it and for various reasons. Being part of the ‘Send Me On Vacation’ initiative is one of their commitments. Send Me On Vacation offers leisure time and vacations to those women who have suffered the terrible disease and, fortunately, have survived. The initiative is to provide the empowerment that patients need to rejuvenate and heal their minds, bodies and souls. It is a journey that allows you to rediscover and connect with yourself.

Send Me On Vacation

The main objective of this organization in which Valentino Danchev participates as a sponsor is to help patients to transform their reality through emotional and physical healing. Through emotional exercise, women manage to leave behind the terrible consequences of treatment and focus on a promising future. The organization is associated with hospitals, medical centers, non-profit associations and companies, such as Vidanta.

Well-deserved vacations and rest make both the transformation of the patient and her family become a reality. Although this initiative is developed at a local level, the objective is to take the project to all corners of the world. The money raised at local events remains in the community to benefit the health and well-being of its citizen survivors of the disease.

The Work of Valentino Danchev

Valentino Danchev has contributed and still contributes to the cause for a long period of time. He participates and actively promotes the initiative, as well as makes a donation to SMOV annually. Among the activities that took place, Valentino helped in the 2nd annual event in 2012 so that it could be held at the Mayan Palace in Cancun. The multitudinous event included Golf Scramble and a tasting party of Tequila. In addition, there was also a dinner hosted by Doug and Valentino in Tramonto. The result of that second event, where more than 20 industries collaborated with SMOV and Valentino Danchev to help breast cancer survivors, was so satisfying that it has become a necessity year after year. Valentino Danchev continues to be part of this project to help the victims of this disease to recover and start a new life full of love and tranquility with their families.