The Chilpayate Foundation

The Chilpayate Foundation was born on November 3rd, 2016. From the beginning, its main objective was to lay the foundations for children and young people to have a better future and also to contribute to a changing and difficult society for those who have less. Thanks to the great work together and the collaboration of many people with the same principles, the Foundation managed to gather the community and encourage all citizens to actively participate and collaborate in the transmission of values.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Chilpayate Foundation is to provide by all means the welfare and good education of young people and children who have not had the same opportunities and have few resources. Its educational, cultural and recreational development within a demanding society is the goal of those who are part of this association.

The vision of the Foundation is to inspire, unite and coordinate all the efforts and the wonderful talent of the volunteers who come to collaborate to expand the possibilities of the young people and children with needs facing the challenges of society.

The Values of the Foundation

Our Foundation promotes humility, teamwork, creativity, commitment, kindness, helpfulness, integrity and equity in all its activities. These values accompany us even before the Chilpayate Foundation officially became a non-profit association, since it was simply an idea, since a group of friends interested in doing good for their community decided to join forces to achieve it. The group of friends was always convinced that through these values could achieve great things, for that reason, in 2014 the team members moved to Xcalakdzonot, in Yucatan, to start a one-way trip. The objective was that the children of low resources of the region had an amazing Childrens Day, full of joy and fun. This is how the story of Chilpayate began.

First Steps

Friends interested in serving young people and children with needs organized recreational and educational activities for three consecutive years until, finally, they decided that it was time to go one step further. They worked together with Mr. Valentino Danchev, CEO of Fidelis Marketing Group, to achieve the goal and create a space of diversity, recreation, assistance and education; the Chilpayate Foundation.

Through the experience, effort and will of all members of the Foundation, many results have been achieved that benefit young people and children in need. Both the Foundation and Mr. Valentino Danchev have promoted inclusion and development programs that offer a beneficial environment for all those involved.