The businessman Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev tells you why the Bacalar lagoon has 7 colors and recommends the best places to visit.

Located in the state of Quintana Roo, in Chetumal, there is a spectacular destination called Bacalar.

As our tourism expert, Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev explains, it is a small magical town, which is customary to explore on foot or by bicycle, it has the incredible Lagoon of the 7 colors, a body of water in which, around It concentrates most of the lodgings and the activities that can be carried out in this place.

As its name says, this lagoon in Bacalar does not have a homogeneous color, so admiring all its shades of blue becomes quite a spectacle.

Do you know why the Bacalar Lagoon has 7 colors?

Its popularity has grown thanks to this feature and this is due to its combination of coral diversity and underwater flora; It even has some cenotes and areas with a kind of mud, which legend has it, is good to spread on the skin.

The different shades of blue can be seen depending on the time and position of the sun.

There are different ways to visit this lagoon, if you dare to do it by boat or boat you will be able to appreciate its darker colors, especially if you go to the Cenote Azul, which has an approximate depth of 90 meters and 200 meters wide. Swimming is not allowed in this cenote as it is considered dangerous due to its depth.

What else can you visit in Bacalar?

To learn more about the history of this town, it is worth visiting the Fort of San Felipe, where the ruins of the old

fortress that was built to withstand the constant attacks of buccaneers on the coast. Also, it has a small museum where weapons of the time and objects of pre-Hispanic culture are exhibited.

In addition to the visit to Bacalar, you can visit the paradisiacal beach of Mahahual and the city of Chetumal, which still preserves some small English-style houses due to the British influence that existed in Belize.

All that and much more, you can find in the Mexican southeast.