How to travel safely at this point in the pandemic



Valentino Danchev


Founder, President and CEO of Fidelis Marketing Group, overseeing the promotion of memberships and tours at luxury resorts in Latin America

With this analysis you can plan your trip to any destination in Mexico without feeling unprotected against possible infections.  

Traveling after the pandemic may seem like a dangerous thing to do, but if you take a good look at it, it doesn´t have to be. It is possible that we continue with doubts or simply very used to being at home, but that does not imply that it is forced to rule out the possibility of going out to see the world. In fact, the travel experience at this time could be better than we imagine and there are many things we can do before and during it to make sure we are safe from COVID. If you are interested, here we tell you how to travel safely this summer, at the point where we are in the pandemic.

Research your destination

Before booking your vacation package think about where you would like to go. What type of destination will best suit your travel needs considering the directions in the current context? The top tourist destinations in Mexico, for example, boast a wide variety of accommodations and attractions, so think about what you plan to do and see. Take a look at the visitor and tour provider websites to find out how the procedures and protocols at those locations have changed to make them safe from COVID. With this information, you can find your perfect vacation spot.

Go outdoors

Scientists agree that the virus spreads more easily indoors, so planning a vacation where you can spend much of your time outdoors will make you feel more comfortable. The warm and sunny climate of Mexico is ideal for practicing water sports, exploring archaeological sites, going to the beach and eating outdoors. See the gray whale in Baja California, the Mayan sites of Chichén Itzá and Cobá in the Yucatán peninsula or you can also watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean in the Riviera Nayarit. The best activities in Mexican destinations are outdoors, so it is not necessary to eliminate the surprise factor to feel safe from COVID on your next trip.

Apartment, villa or hotel?

Mexico´s accommodation providers have worked hard to promote safe procedures against COVID. Resorts and hotels know how important it is for guests to feel safe about their stay. Accommodation capacity in public places has been reduced in many cases and additional spaces have been created in restaurants and terraces. Still not feeling safe? This could be the year to indulge yourself in a villa with a private pool or a luxury self-contained apartment where you can eat something homemade instead of dining out.

Choose to fly out of peak season

Under the circumstances you may feel a bit uncomfortable sitting on a packed flight, although in practice the sophisticated ventilation systems of modern aircraft mean that there is little danger of transmission, particularly if face masks are worn. However, you may feel more comfortable choosing to fly out of peak season, when the plane is less likely to be full, or consider flying in a better class to sit in a cabin with lower seating density and be further away from other passengers.

Consider how you will get around

Mexico´s public transportation offers a wide variety of options, in addition to being inexpensive. However, at this point you may feel more comfortable with something a little more exclusive. Taxi transfers might be the answer, but for maximum privacy, consider renting your own vehicle. The roads are good and the flexibility that you will get by having your own means of transport will give you a lot of freedom of action. You will have the option of stopping at unusual places that tours and public transportation may not reach.

Pack a COVID kit

Protecting yourself and those around you is vital if we want to continue traveling safely. Many of us have chosen to get vaccinated, which protects us against the virus and its effects. Still, you can reinforce actions to ensure that you are comfortable traveling at the moment. Pack hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes as an extra precaution on transfers. Choose a mask that is comfortable and fits you well so you don´t have to constantly remove it; There are plenty of stylish options on the market, so pack a few to match your vacation wardrobe.

See it as an opportunity

Above all, post-pandemic travel should be seen as an opportunity and a possibility to reclaim our freedom. While some people are content to stay home a little longer, travelers can expect fewer fellow travelers and perhaps a more intimate experience than before. This is the time to do those must-sees while they´re less crowded and get reservations for that hard-to-get-into restaurant you´ve been wanting to visit.

After the stress and frustration that COVID has brought, a vacation may be just what it takes to inject some fun and happiness into your life. Exactly what the doctor ordered, don´t you think?

- Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev (Калоян Валентинов Данчев) is the founder and president of a luxury travel company, Fidelis Marketing Group. A business group that sells tourist facilities of the highest quality and tours to the best attractions of the towns where we are present.

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