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The businessman Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev talks about his work at the Chilpayate A.C. foundation, with which he sponsors children from communities in difficult situations.

The extensive experience that Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev has in the field of tourism and travel has led him to know different parts of the world and the Mexican Republic, where he has had all kinds of experiences and has known the way of life of many people from close way.

Throughout the year, the businessman has recommended activities and places to visit and travel, with the intention of reactivating the tourism sector, which has had a slow recovery as a result of the pandemic. However, for Valentinov Danchev, the holiday season means turning to other people whose situation is also difficult and resources are even more limited.

For more than 12 years, on these dates, the businessman has dedicated himself to providing a different experience on the occasion of the celebration of the Christmas holidays, to different associations, homes, homes and orphanages.

“The idea of supporting underprivileged children arose from the thought that kindness, love and a willingness to serve accomplish great things. In the first edition that I did, we moved to the town of Xcalakdzonot in the state of Yucatán, the experience was wonderful and that is why since then I decided to make children happy by supporting them and sharing joy in different ways "

In this way the Chilpayate Foundation was born, which comes from the Nahuatl word "Chilpayatl" which means child or small boy, which has the intention of helping to lay the foundations and contribute to generating a better future for these children and young people. To achieve this, the foundation carries out different programs and campaigns to support education, health, food, shelter, among others.

As with many activities as a result of the pandemic, last year it was impossible to hold an event on December dates, however, this year the businessman, together with the Fundación Chilpayate A.C. they sponsored more than 300 children.

“Different schools of communities or localities in difficult situations were chosen, where my collaborators and friends support with the donation of toys combining different values and above all a great willingness to serve. On the day of the event, gifts are delivered and we perform different shows with Christmas motifs, while we offer them snacks as they enjoy the show ”.

The initiative emerged in 2014 with activities that are based on a social analysis, seeking to meet the real needs of children and young people, as well as their development in the environment in which they live.

If you are interested in learning a little more about the initiatives that Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev has created to achieve greater social impact, you can visit the website https://www.fundacionchilpayate.org/ and be part of the change.

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