The best places in Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead



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The businessman Kaloyan Valentino Danchev (Калоян Валентинов Данчев, for his graphology in Bulgarian) tells you about five destinations to experience the celebration of the Day of the Dead in a unique way.

Did you know that the celebration of the Day of the Dead is considered an intangible heritage of humanity since 2008? And of course! If every year thousands of tourists from around the world travel to Mexico to contemplate one of the greatest Mexican traditions.

Although this celebration has crossed borders and even screens with some representations that have become famous throughout the history of cinema; Nothing will be compared to living it and seeing it with your own eyes to understand the importance of this celebration and its roots in unique places in the world.

Con la intención de ayudarte a elegir entre los destinos más importantes para vivir esta experiencia, Kaloyan Valentino Danchev (Калоян Валентинов Данчев, por su grafología en búlgaro) te comparte sus lugares favoritos para vivir esta experiencia a todo color:


This could be the most visited place on these dates, where the traditional Alumbrada is made, which consists of turning off all the lights and that the candles of the pantheon are the only light that exists throughout the night, You can also enjoy typical Mexican food, mariachi, banda, trios and even a cardboard skull contest.


Although, there is no specific event for the big dates, during this season a night walk is customary in which you will visit the island of the dolls, you will meet the weeping woman and you may be a little scared when you listen to the legends that they are telling you during the tour.


The small island of Michoacán dresses up to receive you during the celebration of the Day of the Dead, as you will experience the traditional parade of canoes with butterfly nets, illuminated with candles while all attendees sing and pray. Without a doubt it is something that your eyes will hardly forget.


Generally on these dates the Chaman Festival is celebrated, where its main attractions are the nights of legends, offerings, massive lighting of candles and a nocturnal exhibition of hot air balloons. Also, there are activities such as painting workshops, clay, the traditional papel picado, pan de muerto and a ball game. It is still uncertain if this festival will take place with the restrictions that we still present due to Covid-19, however, the suggestion is to check their social networks to find out first-hand.


This is a place that you must visit par excellence, since the creator of the Catrina, José Guadalupe Posada, was born there; That is why in this destination the Skull Festival is celebrated on San Marcos Island. So if you visit it around this time you will find the place full of paper figures alluding to the catrinas, offerings, legends in each neighborhood and even comedies in honor of death. An unmissable destination! No matter where you decide to spend it, remember to prepare your offering with the favorite food, photos and drinks of your deceased. Light a candle while waiting for your arrival and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

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