Businessman Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev shares the best tips for you to enjoy this time of year with the most majestic mammals in Mexican lands.

If you want to live an unforgettable experience in the company of the most majestic mammals, on two of the most paradisiacal Mexican beaches, our expert, Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev, has the best advice so you don´t think twice and pack your bags to travel to Los Cabos or Isla Mujeres in this whale season.

In these locations, each year you can witness one of the most impressive natural spectacles in the world. The migration and sighting of hundreds of whales.

Cabo San Lucas:

It has the perfect conditions for it, since it is the exact place where the waters of the Sea of Cortez meet the Pacific Ocean, the ideal spot for observing this spectacle. In addition, it has an important tourist activity, nightlife, luxury hotels and water activities that make it one of the most visited attractions in the country.

Isla Mujeres:

In this place you can also see the imposing whale sharks, which despite their impressive presence, are considered harmless. They are grouped in this paradisiacal beach thanks to the fact that in that area, the sea has the favorable conditions and the necessary nutrients for the growth of the plankton on which they feed.


In both destinations you can hire tours to visit them and see them more closely in their natural habitat, so here are some recommendations:

•   The best time of day to see them depends a lot on your seasickness threshold, since in the morning the activity and the tide is usually much calmer since it is the moment when the whales congregate and feed.

•   At noon, when the tide begins to shake, greater movement and movement of the same can be observed, however, in the afternoon/night is when there is the greatest activity, all this thanks to the high tides and the increase in wind .

A curious fact is the fact that several marine biologists have observed that whales tend to have approximately two to three days of activity and then remain calm for approximately 48 hours.

What kind of whales can be observed?

– Humpback whale, being the largest population. (Los Cabos) – Whale shark, being the friendliest population; There are even tours that allow you to swim alongside them this whale season. (Isla Mujeres and Los Cabos)

– Gray whales, they have to nest near the coast, so there is a probability that you can see them even without getting on a boat. (The Capes)

Similarly, Orcas, Blue Whales and Fin Whales have occasionally been observed in these waters.

So if you are looking for an incredible activity and relax in these beautiful destinations, you cannot miss this season.